Mulch improves the appearance and soil health of your garden beds and landscapes. By having a professional lay mulch in your beds, you can receive a quality mulch application, without any of the back-breaking work.

How Mulch Helps Garden Beds

Not only is a freshly laid mulch bed appealing to the eyes, it is extremely beneficial to the health of your entire landscape. Mulch protects the soil by preventing erosion, moderating temperature, and providing it with essential nutrients. When it comes to your plants, mulch is a protectant from freeze and sun damage, as well as a natural habitat for trees and shrubs. Weeds will have a tough time growing in mulch, either not showing up at all or having shallow roots making them easy to remove.

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Catonsville Mulching Services

Here at Belt Lawn and Landscape, we offer superior mulching services that deliver a quality finished product at an affordable price. A fresh layer of mulch offers the perfect contrast for your garden’s flowers and your home itself. Hire a reliable and efficient mulching service in Baltimore and Howard County for your mulching needs to get a gorgeous looking garden bed without having to perform the strenuous work yourself. We do all of the work including

In addition to mulching, we also offer comprehensive lawn care services in Catonsville, MD at an affordable cost.